Spill-Tain The Fire Proof Boom

1998 - Coast Guard Wave & Burn Tank, Mobile, AL. 6th burn in working waves


1998 - Ohmsett, Leonardo, NJ. Post burn tow tests after 6 burn tests

1995 - Everett, WA, harbor.

US Coast Guard tow test of new stainless steel boom and old galvanized boom that was burn tested in 1981 and later deployed for 30 days in the harbor in Vancouver, BC, Canada, where it grounded with each tide change. Both boom sections were later used in a burn competition with American Marine/3M boom 

1995 Competition

MSRC-sponsored burn competition between American Marine/3M and Spill-Tain fire booms at Washinton State Fire Training Academy, North Bend, WA. Inspection of Spill-Tain's 1981 galvanized and new stainless steel 23-inch boom segments between burns 

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